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2014 Latest Vmware VCPC510 Exam Dump Free Download!

Which two actions must an administrator take before deleting a vApp network? (Choose two)

A.    Disconnect the vShield Edge device.
B.    Shut down all VMs within the vApp.
C.    Shut down all connected VMs.
D.    Disconnect all connected VMs.

Answer: CD

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2014 Latest Vmware VCPVCD510 Exam Dump Free Download!

An administrator is auditing IP address use in a specific Organizational Network.
Where will the administrator find this information?

A.    The administrator can run a Global IP Allocation report
B.    The information can be located in the IP Allocation properties for the specific Organizational Network
C.    The information can be located in the System Properties of the Organizational Network
D.    The administrator can run an IP Allocation report for the specific Organizational Network

Answer: B

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2014 Latest Vmware VDCD510 Exam Dump Free Download!

A logical design can contain which of the following? (Choose three)

A.    BIOS settings
B.    Data flow
C.    Key component relationships
D.    High-level diagrams
E.    Server host names

Answer: BCD
A logical diagram can be used to show service components and how they relate to each other.
A logical diagram is high level in nature and is independent of the hardware used for a solution.
Chapter 2, Presenting the Data Gathered

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2014 Latest Vmware VCAW510 Exam Dump Free Download!

Which two operating systems are not supported as a platform for the View Client? (Choose two.)

A.    IOS
B.    Unix
C.    Android
D.    Novell

Answer: BD
Explanation: ew_clients/2_0

A colleague wants to know more about Persona Management. What should you tell him?

A.    Persona Management allows an administrator to determine who has logged in to a specific virtual desktop
B.    Persona Management allows a user to have the same environment regardless of the virtual desktop
that they log in to
C.    Persona Management actively maps drives and printers to the virtual desktop on demand
D.    Persona Management is used to deploy a virtual desktop based on the user’s requests

Answer: D
Explanation: Guide.pdf(see page 3)

A colleague asks you what role ThinApp provides for Horizon View. How should you respond?

A.    ThinApp is used to provide patching and update processes for the virtual desktop
B.    ThinApp allows a virtual desktop to be deployed without local storage
C.    ThinApp is used to create a virtual sandbox to deploy applications to virtual desktops
D.    ThinApp allows you to deploy virtual desktops in a minimal amount of disk space

Answer: C

A client has asked you to define the role of the View Security Server? How should you respond?

A.    It provides authentication for in-house users in security sensitive areas
B.    It maintains a list of certificates and revocation lists for the virtual desktops
C.    It maintains secure connections between the Internet and theinternal network
D.    It maintains secure connections between vCenter and Horizon View

Answer: C
Explanation: 03AC032E-2B8D-49EB-A467-88953F505980.html

You have several groups of users that require policies to manage access to their files and data.
Which solution will provide this functionality?

A.    Horizon Mirage
B.    Horizon Workspace
C.    vCenter Operations Manager for View
D.    View Administrator

Answer: A

Which statement reflects an Accessibility challenge that must be addressed for a new VMware Horizon deployment?

A.    Our existing storage device is already heavily used; we want to minimize the additional space required
for the new VDI system.
B.    PCs cost so much to buy, maintain, and replace. It would be great to have a simple device that would
last for years and require little if any maintenance effort.
C.    To further protect our data, we need to make sure that even if someone gets an authorized user’s credentials,
they can’t login with them.
D.    Some users have graphics intensive jobs and need the highest quality and performance possible.

Answer: B

A colleague has asked you if vCenter can be used to manage Horizon View virtual desktops and desktop pools. How should you respond?

A.    You should never use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, only View Administrator
B.    You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, but only if you use the Web Client
C.    You cannot use vCenter to manage you virtual desktops
D.    You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops if you install the View plugin

Answer: D
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A View administrator is creating a new automated pool for a group of 1,000 users. The pool provisioning process fails, and an error message displays:
The status of vCenter Server at address is unknown. Which two configurations should be verified to diagnose the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    that port 18443 is open on the View Connection Server firewall
B.    that there are no network problems between the View Connection Server and vCenter Server
C.    that the View Connection Service is running on the View Connection Server
D.    that the Web service is running on vCenter Server

Answer: BD

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2014 Latest Vmware VCAC510 Exam Dump Free Download!

You work at a small, but rapidly expanding chain of retail stores. You have a private cloud in place which works well most of the year, but to manage the annual holiday peak load on your Internet store, you have decided to utilize a hybrid cloud as needed. Which two components are required when deploying a hybrid cloud environment? (Choose two.)

A.    vFabric Hyperic
B.    vCloud Connector
C.    vCenter Operations Management Suite
D.    vCloud Director

Answer: BD

You have successfully completed the initial deployment of your company’s cloud. Now management wants to make sure everything continues to run well and that you are meeting all of your SLAs. Which vCloud Suite software component will best help you do this?

A.    vCenter Automation Center
B.    vCloud Management Assistant
C.    vSphere Management Assistant Appliance
D.    vCenter Operations Management Suite

Answer: A

An administrator is deciding on a hybrid cloud solution based on a given set of requirements. The requirements include a single virtual datacenter with logically isolated resources and multi-tenancy capability. Which service option would satisfy the given requirements?

A.    Virtual Private Cloud Service option
B.    Dedicated Cloud Service option
C.    vCloud Public Service option
D.    vCloud Private Service option

Answer: A

Your development team has informed you they frequently run tests which require three VMs and take two days to run. When the tests are complete, there is no further need to keep the VMs or the resources they have been consuming. Which of the following products would best help you manage the requirements of this test environment?

A.    vCloud Director
B.    vFabric Suite
C.    vCenter Orchestrator
D.    vCloud Automation Center

Answer: D
You work at a small ISP and need to provide multiple virtual datacenters for your multi-tenancy environment. Which of the following would you do to build a multi-tenancy environment?

A.    Build multiple virtual datacenters using vFabric Suite
B.    Build multiple Org vDCs using vCloud Director
C.    Build multiple Provider vDCs using vCloud Connector
D.    Build multiple External Networks using vCloud Director

Answer: B
Explanation: Id=1026339

After this morning’s high-level, sales-oriented cloud seminar, your colleague is still unclear on the relationship between an Org vDC and a Provider vDC and asks you to help explain why you would set up multiple Provider vDCs. What would you tell him?

A.    You want to implement hardware-based resource tiering
B.    Multiple Provider vDCs are required for organizations which have multiple internal networks
C.    Each Org vDC requires its own Provider vDC
D.    Multiple Provider VDCs would allow for segmenting of identical sets of physical hardware

Answer: B
Explanation: 6DA11728-5405-4554-BEFD-81E8F4D80161.html

Your manager heard on a webinar that vCenter Operations Manager has the ability to create custom groups so that he could better align performance and management decisions with the business. Which two custom groups could you create? (Choose two.)

A.    DRS/HA Cluster
B.    Application
C.    vCenter Datacenter
D.    Line of business

Answer: BC

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You have a virtual machine that requires a software update. You have not yet tested the update, so you need a back out plan. If the update fails you want to recover the VM to its current state. Which of the following features will help you do this in the least amount of time?

A.    Fault Tolerance
B.    vSphere Replication
C.    Snapshots
D.    vSphere Data Protection

Answer: C

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