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An administrator should configure Link Aggregation on a 7000 NetScaler system when __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    redundancy on a half duplex operation is required
B.    redundancy on an operation across multiple data rates is required
C.    the bandwidth requirements inbound to or outbound from the Netscaler are greater than 1 Gb/sec
D.    the bandwidth requirements inbound to or outbound from the Netscaler are greater than 8 Gb/sec

Answer: C

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Scenario: During the creation of a Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Edition server virtual machine (VM), an administrator is asked to make as many processors available as possible to allow a developer to test a new multi-cpu application. What is the maximum number of VCPUs that an administrator can assign to this VM?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    8
D.    16

Answer: B

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Voice over IP is an application that requires efficient use of bandwidth and reliability. VoIP must not suffer the delays that can be seen at times with Web sites and Web applications. Which technology can be used to help ensure the efficient transport of VoIP traffic?

A.    RTP
B.    QoS
C.    DNS
D.    RSTP

Answer: B

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Which of the following does IT outsourcing and cloud computing typically have in common?

A.    Pay as you go agreements
B.    Short-term financial commitment
C.    Tailor-made applications based on client needs
D.    Vendor lock-in potential

Answer: D

Which of the following does the server virtualization layer do?

A.    It allows the underling physical server hardware to be shared
B.    It allows the virtual machines to be dependent on each other
C.    It allows the virtual machines to be load balanced
D.    It prohibits the use of virtual machines by unauthorized users

Answer: A

Which of the following are essential steps to take when creating a virtual server?

A.    Select a machine image to run, select an application set to run, select security credentials.
B.    Select a machine image to run, select an application set to run, select the size of the virtual machine.
C.    Select a machine image to run, select security credentials, select the size of the virtual machine.
D.    Select an application set to run, select security credentials, select the size of the virtual machine.

Answer: C

Which of the following technologies are related to Web services?


Answer: C

Web hosting is a service that enables customers to deploy a website quickly. This is an example

A.    IaaS.
B.    SaaS
C.    PaaS.
D.    On-demand software.
E.    None of the above.

Answer: C

Which of the following describes the amount of data that can be sent across a link in a given time?

A.    Network bandwidth
B.    Network QoS
C.    Network latency
D.    Network speed

Answer: A

How can the internal IT department successfully react to cloud computing?

A.    By becoming an external cloud provider
B.    By becoming an internal cloud provider
C.    By outsourcing all IT services
D.    By solely focusing on security issues

Answer: B

Which of the following is a business reason for IT outsourcing and cloud computing?

A.    Improving cost structure
B.    Improving customer satisfaction
C.    Increasing control over IT systems
D.    Decrease of security issues

Answer: A

Which of the following assets have risks related to a cloud provider going out of business?

A.    Data stored at the provider
B.    Cloud management tools housed at the provider
C.    Investment in servers at the provider
D.    Machine capacity at the provider

Answer: A

Which of the following is included in a compliance audit?

A.    Analyzing chargeback agreements
B.    Analyzing cloud provider Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
C.    Analyzing identity management and access controls
D.    Analyzing the provider release calendar

Answer: C

How does cloud computing influence service operations?

A.    Cloud computing is more cost effective
B.    The provisioning of servers and services is quicker or ceases to be an issue
C.    The provisioning of servers and services can be much slower
D.    The security level will increase

Answer: B

Cloud computing brings new challenges to ___________ management, because traditional licensing models do not fit well with scalable resources.

A.    commercial
B.    financial
C.    legal
D.    service

Answer: B

Which of the following is indicated by a high number of variations of different virtual servers?

A.    Lack of an automated provisioning process of the virtual machines
B.    Lack of automation of virtual machine image manufacturing
C.    Lack of manpower to monitor the virtual machines
D.    Lack of physical servers to accommodate the different virtual servers

Answer: B

Cloud computing is priced according to ___________ or has ___________, rather than having upfront costs.

A.    recurring subscription, a yearly contract
B.    a yearly contract, usage-based charges
C.    recurring subscription, usage-based charges
D.    number of users, a yearly contract

Answer: C
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Scenario: Printing errors are generated randomly in a Citrix XenApp server farm. An investigation reveals that the Citrix Print Manager Service has been failing at random intervals. An administrator is asked to use the Health Monitoring and Recovery feature to check the service.What should the administrator do to monitor the service?

A.    Create a custom test
B.    Install the HMR Test Pack
C.    Add the CPSVCTEST.EXE test
D.    Add the SPOOLERTEST.EXE test

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator needs to ensure that users on Windows XP workstations launch published applications with 16-bit colors in a 1024X768 session window. Users in this environment are launching published applications in seamless mode. Which user experience setting should the administrator use in the ICAClient.ADM template?

A.    Audio
B.    Display
C.    Graphics
D.    Applications

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator has enabled Configuration Logging in a Citrix XenApp farm. Following a number of changes applied over the weekend, users have begun to complain about issues related to accessing farm resources.How can the administrator review the changes implemented in the farm?

A.    Use the Event Viewer on the data store server
B.    Use the Event Viewer on the Data Collector server
C.    Run the Configuration Logging report using SQL reporting services
D.    Run the Configuration Logging report using the Access Management Console

Answer: D

Which Citrix service directly depends on the IMA service?

A.    WMI
B.    Licensing
C.    XTE Server
D.    Print Manager

Answer: A

What is the impact on the user sessions connected over ICA if the IMA service on a Citrix XenApp server is restarted?

A.    The user sessions are forcibly disconnected
B.    The user sessions continue to work uninterrupted
C.    All sessions on the server are gracefully logged off
D.    Users receive an IMA error message but can continue working

Answer: B

What are two options that are available for the scheduling of the virtual memory management optimization process? (Choose two.)

A.    Daily
B.    Every two weeks
C.    Only at startup time
D.    Only at shutdown time

Answer: AC

Scenario: Currently, the Citrix XenApp server farm hosts several streamed applications. The administrator is given a new business intelligence application that leverages Microsoft Excel for data mining. This new business intelligence application needs to be streamed. Microsoft Excel is currently profiled and is a streamed application.What should the administrator do to enable Microsoft Excel as part of this business intelligence application profile using the least amount of storage space?

A.    Create a new profile based on Microsoft Excel Viewer and the business intelligence application
B.    Create a new profile and use the Inter-Isolation Communication option to combine both applications
C.    Create a pre-launch script that launches the profile of the new application and apply it to the existing Microsoft Excel profile
D.    Create a new profile and publish the streamed application using an alternate profile that points to the Microsoft Excel profile

Answer: B

A new resource-intensive application has been added to a farm that consists of single CPU servers, and users are now complaining about poor application performance. What should the administrator enable in order to address this issue?

A.    Fair sharing of CPU between sessions in the farm
B.    The CPU Utilization Management/CPU Rebalancer service
C.    A load evaluator that does NOT include CPU or memory utilization
D.    The removal of servers from the load balancing table within Health Monitoring and Recovery

Answer: A

In which situation should the "CPU Utilization Management/CPU Rebalancer" service be set to start automatically?

A.    Citrix XenApp runs on a single processor server
B.    The Resource Manager tool is used to monitor CPU sharing
C.    It is desirable to monitor CPU sharing using the Access Management Console
D.    Multiple instances of a single-threaded application are running on the same CPU

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator enables Special Folder Redirection in a Citrix XenApp farm. Windows Vista users are able to save files successfully to their local Documents’ folder. However, when a user tries to save a music file to the Music folder, the user was unable to see the file on the local client drive.What would prevent the user from seeing the saved music file on the local machine?

A.    The user saved the file as a .WAV instead of .MP3
B.    The Special Folder Redirection feature only works for the Documents and Desktop folders
C.    The "Provide special folder redirection to all users" option is de-selected in the XenApp Web site properties
D.    The "Provide special folder redirection to all users" option is de-selected in the XenApp Services site properties

Answer: B
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Which step must an administrator take before configuring administrative roles within a Provisioning Server environment?

A.    Create an administrative service account
B.    Create the administrative groups in Active Directory
C.    Grant the farm administrator db_admin rights in SQL
D.    Add the currently logged in user to the local administrator group

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is planning a Provisioning Server 5.0 environment for a worldwide organization; there are four offices on two continents. The administrator intends to set up a different farm for each of the four office locations in North America and Europe. How many databases must the administrator plan for when setting up the Provisioning Server 5.0 environment?

A.    Four databases, one for each farm
B.    Two databases, one for each continent
C.    One database to keep all vDisks centralized
D.    Five databases, one for each farm and a back up

Answer: A

For which purpose do target devices use TFTP?

A.    To request and receive a boot file from the TFTP service
B.    To request and receive the IP address of the TFTP server
C.    To contact the Stream Service to stream a vDisk to the target device
D.    To contact the least busy Provisioning Server to stream a vDisk to the target device

Answer: A

According to best practices, what should an administrator do prior to installing Provisioning Server?

A.    Set up a proxy DHCP
B.    Set up the SOAP service
C.    Disable spanning tree portfast mode
D.    Assign a static IP address to each server

Answer: D

Which DHCP option identifies the IP address of the TFTP service?

A.    60
B.    66
C.    67
D.    69

Answer: B

An administrator is configuring a store that points to the UNC path of the Windows file share where the vDisks are stored. Which two store types could the administrator be configuring in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Site
B.    Farm
C.    Private
D.    Distributed

Answer: AB

What are the four configuration requirements for a user or system account running the Stream Service? (Choose four.)

A.    Registry read access
B.    Registry read/write access
C.    Domain administration rights
D.    Read/write access to any vDisk location
E.    Datareader/Datawriter permissions to the data store
F.    Read/write access to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Server

Answer: ADEF

Scenario: An organization has several branch offices. Each branch office will have an administrator that manages target devices for their location. The farm administrator will oversee the branch office administrators and wishes to make role delegation simple and easy to manage. How should the farm administrator lay out the farm?

A.    Configure a single farm store
B.    Set up a farm for each branch location
C.    Create sites according to branch location
D.    Assign each branch location a farm administrator

Answer: C

An administrator needs to ensure that all DHCP broadcasts are allowed through the routers in a network environment. What must the administrator do to ensure communication between target devices and the Provisioning Server are allowed through the routers in the network?

A.    Configure options 66 and 67 on the DHCP server.
B.    Configure the router using the ip helper command.
C.    Enable spanning tree portfast mode on all switch ports.
D.    Disable spanning tree protocol in the network environment.

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator wants to delegate management of a Provisioning Server farm. The administrator needs to delegate only these specific tasks:
1. Shut down target devices
2. Boot target devices
3. Send messages to target devices
Which role should the administrator assign for these tasks?

A.    Device Operator
B.    Site Administrator
C.    Farm Administrator
D.    Device Administrator

Answer: A

When preparing to build a vDisk image from a Master Target Device, which boot option should an administrator select in the target device properties?

A.    vDisk
B.    Hard Disk
C.    Floppy Disk
D.    local HD as a boot device

Answer: B

An administrator is preparing a Master Target Device for imaging. What should the administrator do before installing the target device software on the Master Target Device?

A.    Turn on spanning tree
B.    Configure the network adapter BIOS
C.    Run the Provisioning Server Image Builder
D.    Enable hibernation and power management features

Answer: B
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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-035 Exam Dump Free Download!

In the Oracle9i Data Guard architecture, what is the purpose of the Log Transport Services?
A.    to transfer redo log information to one or more destinations
B.    to apply redo log records sent from the primary database to a standby database at the receiving location
C.    to synchronize changes to the control files on all standby databases with changes on the primary database when a log switch occurs
D.    to batch archived log files on the primary database until a defined number of checkpoints have been processed and then to distribute the archives to each standby database

Answer: A

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You executed the following command to drop a user: DROP USER scott CASCADE; Which two statements regarding the above command are correct? (Choose two.)
A.    All the objects of scott are moved to the Recycle Bin.
B.    Any objects in the Recycle Bin belonging to scott are purged.
C.    All the objects owned by scott are permanently dropped from the database.
D.    All the objects of scott in the Recycle Bin must be purged before executing the DROP command.
E.    Any objects in the Recycle Bin belonging to scott will not be affected by the above DROP command.

Answer: BC

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Which three statements are true about Host Checker? (Choose three.)

A.    Host Checker can collect information for use with MAC authentication.
B.    Host Checker can modify a role assignment immediately if a policy fails.
C.    Host Checker can be invoked before a user is allowed to sign in to the Infranet Controller.
D.    The Host Checker Integrity Measurement Verifier (IMV) works only with Odyssey Access Client.
E.    The Host Checker Integrity Measurement Collector (IMC) can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Answer: B C E

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2014 Latest Juniper JN0-130 Exam Dump Free Download!

If all OSPF routers on a broadcast network have the same OSPF priority, what parameter is used to determine the new BDR at the time of a DR failure?

A.    area ID
B.    router ID
C.    loopback address
D.    IP address of interface on broadcast network

Answer: B

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2014 Latest Vmware VCAW510 Exam Dump Free Download!

Which two operating systems are not supported as a platform for the View Client? (Choose two.)

A.    IOS
B.    Unix
C.    Android
D.    Novell

Answer: BD
https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/info/slug/desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_horizon_vi ew_clients/2_0

A colleague wants to know more about Persona Management. What should you tell him?

A.    Persona Management allows an administrator to determine who has logged in to a specific virtual desktop
B.    Persona Management allows a user to have the same environment regardless of the virtual desktop
that they log in to
C.    Persona Management actively maps drives and printers to the virtual desktop on demand
D.    Persona Management is used to deploy a virtual desktop based on the user’s requests

Answer: D
http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/view/VMware-View-Persona-Management-Deployment- Guide.pdf(see page 3)

A colleague asks you what role ThinApp provides for Horizon View. How should you respond?

A.    ThinApp is used to provide patching and update processes for the virtual desktop
B.    ThinApp allows a virtual desktop to be deployed without local storage
C.    ThinApp is used to create a virtual sandbox to deploy applications to virtual desktops
D.    ThinApp allows you to deploy virtual desktops in a minimal amount of disk space

Answer: C

A client has asked you to define the role of the View Security Server? How should you respond?

A.    It provides authentication for in-house users in security sensitive areas
B.    It maintains a list of certificates and revocation lists for the virtual desktops
C.    It maintains secure connections between the Internet and theinternal network
D.    It maintains secure connections between vCenter and Horizon View

Answer: C
http://pubs.vmware.com/view-50/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.view.installation.doc/GUID- 03AC032E-2B8D-49EB-A467-88953F505980.html

You have several groups of users that require policies to manage access to their files and data.
Which solution will provide this functionality?

A.    Horizon Mirage
B.    Horizon Workspace
C.    vCenter Operations Manager for View
D.    View Administrator

Answer: A

Which statement reflects an Accessibility challenge that must be addressed for a new VMware Horizon deployment?

A.    Our existing storage device is already heavily used; we want to minimize the additional space required
for the new VDI system.
B.    PCs cost so much to buy, maintain, and replace. It would be great to have a simple device that would
last for years and require little if any maintenance effort.
C.    To further protect our data, we need to make sure that even if someone gets an authorized user’s credentials,
they can’t login with them.
D.    Some users have graphics intensive jobs and need the highest quality and performance possible.

Answer: B

A colleague has asked you if vCenter can be used to manage Horizon View virtual desktops and desktop pools. How should you respond?

A.    You should never use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, only View Administrator
B.    You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops, but only if you use the Web Client
C.    You cannot use vCenter to manage you virtual desktops
D.    You can use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops if you install the View plugin

Answer: D
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