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Which attribute is required when configuring a View Security Server Pairing Password?

A.    Password complexity value
B.    Password expiration value
C.    Password length value
D.    Password timeout value

Answer: D

During an installation of Security Server, a message displays that the pairing password has expired.
Where must a new password be configured?

A.    View Connection Server
B.    Active Directory
C.    View Administrator
D.    View Security Server

Answer: C

What is the minimum amount of memory required in order to install View Security Server on Windows Server 2003?

A.    1GB
B.    4GB
C.    2GB
D.    8GB

Answer: C

An organization has a View Connection Server in DomainA. Users in DomainB need to access desktops on the existing connection server in DomainA.
What must the system administrator do in Active Directory to enable users from DomainB to access desktops in DomainA?

A.    set up a Security Server to proxy the connection to DomainB
B.    check the multidomain authentication box in the View Manager Server Settings
C.    set up a one-way trust relationship from DomainB to DomainA
D.    set up a two-way trust relationship between DomainA and DomainB

Answer: D

An administrator creates a View Composer linked clone pool of Windows XP Desktops, and the operation fails to finish customizing the desktops. The error log below provides more detail.
2010-09-21 12:46:04,281 [836] INFO Guest – [Guest.cpp, 248] Attempting to join Test1 to the domain vmw-dc.local f3 2010-09-21 12:46:04,562 [836] FATAL Guest – [Guest.cpp, 261] Domain join faileD. 1265 f3 2010-09-21 12:46:04,718 [836] FATAL CSvmGaService – [svmGaService.cpp, 116] Domain join failedError 1265 (0x4f1): The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you.
What is the cause of the error?

A.    Active Directory encryption levels
B.    Active Directory group policy
C.    Active Directory permissions
D.    Active Directory root certificate

Answer: A

The security team has determined that the default setting for the connection ticket is too long and wants to shorten the period that the ticket is valid for authentication.
Which GPO needs to be configured and applied to the View environment?

A.    vdm_common.adm
B.    vdm_client.adm
C.    vdm_server.adm
D.    vdm_agent.adm

Answer: D

What is the default port number that View Composer uses to communicate with other View components?

A.    4001
B.    4100
C.    443
D.    18443

Answer: D

What is the maximum supported number of linked clone virtual machines View Composer can provision per pool?

A.    512
B.    1024
C.    128
D.    256

Answer: A

What is the default number of linked clone virtual machines that View Composer will recompose at one time?

A.    2
B.    8
C.    64
D.    128

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of ESXi hosts in a vSphere cluster used by View Composer if using VMFS datastores?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    32
D.    16

Answer: B


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