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Scenario: An administrator determined that an application pilot environment should be installed. Two servers have been allocated for this purpose. How should the pilot environment be established and why?

A.    The servers should be placed in a distinct farm so that testing does NOT impact production.
B.    The servers should be placed in a distinct zone so that testing does NOT impact production.
C.    The servers should be configured based on virtual servers so that scalability data can be derived
for physical servers.
D.    The servers should be configured to access a distinct license server to prevent impacting license
server communications.

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator installed the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool to administer a Citrix XenApp server remotely. The server is accessed through a WAN link and it is behind a firewall. Which TCP port should be opened on the firewall to allow the administrator to connect remotely by means of the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool?

A.    1494
B.    2512
C.    2513
D.    2598

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is in the process of implementing zone preference and failover for a Citrix XenApp farm. The administrator already configured a Citrix policy named "ZPF Policy." Which three filters can the administrator use to apply this policy and implement zone preference and failover? (Choose three.)

A.    Users
B.    Servers
C.    Client Name
D.    Access Control
E.    Client IP Address

Answer: ACE

Session reliability is based on which Citrix service?

A.    IMA
B.    XML
C.    XTE
D.    Services Manager

Answer: C
An administrator is installing Web Interface in order to support Windows laptop users that require offline applications.Which type of site should the administrator create to support these users?

A.    XenApp Web
B.    XenApp Services
C.    Web Interface for SharePoint
D.    XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps

Answer: B

An administrator was notified that the database server hosting the Citrix data store is down and decides to restore a backup database to a new server. In which order should the administrator complete the required steps to direct Citrix communication to the new database server?
Click the Help button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item. Drag the steps to place them in the correct order required to direct Citrix communication to the new database server.

The Citrix License Management Console runs on which two supported web servers? (Choose two.)

A.    IBM HTTP Server
B.    Apache HTTP Server
C.    SUN Java System Web Server
D.    Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Answer: BD

Scenario: An administrator set up a firewall between a license server and several Citrix XenApp servers. All the default settings and ports were used. The administrator tests this new configuration and notices that the Citrix Licensing service is NOT running.What should the administrator do to make the Citrix Licensing service run?

A.    Open port 8082 on the firewall.
B.    Open port 27000 on the firewall.
C.    Configure a static port number for the Citrix vendor daemon.
D.    Configure the Citrix vendor daemon to communicate using a dynamic port.

Answer: C

In order for an administrator to provide a user with access to resources published on a Citrix XenApp server, the user must be a member of which local group on the server?

A.    Users
B.    Guests
C.    Power Users
D.    Remote Desktop Users

Answer: D

A company acquired another company but needs to keep the IT departments independent. What must the administrator create in order to keep the IT department independent from that of the acquired company?

A.    A new farm
B.    A new data store
C.    A new license server
D.    Additional Citrix XenApp servers

Answer: A

What is the result of renaming an existing report log file?

A.    A new report log is created.
B.    A duplicate report log is created.
C.    The original report log is deleted.
D.    The original report log is overwritten.

Answer: A

What should an administrator use to confirm the name of a Citrix License Server?

A.    The queryhr command in a command prompt
B.    The hostname command in a command prompt
C.    The basic information screen in the Windows 2008 system applet
D.    The server information screen in the Access Management Console

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator currently has Secure Gateway and Web Interface on the same server in the DMZ. After learning about Access Gateway, the administrator decided to purchase two units for redundancy that will be located in the DMZ and implement the increased functionality that Access Gateway offers. Two new Web Interface servers will be introduced. Where should the administrator place the Web Interface servers?

A.    Both Web Interface servers should be placed in the DMZ.
B.    Both Web Interface servers should be placed on the internal network.
C.    One Web Interface server should be placed in the DMZ, and one Web Interface server should be
placed on the internal network.
D.    One Web Interface server should be placed on the internal network, and one Web Interface server
should be placed on the external network.

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator at a graphic design company has recently completed a XenApp implementation. Web Interface has been configured to allow remote users to access their published applications and all clients are made available through the client deployment configuration. Both internal and remote users are running MAC operating systems with a mixture of Internet Explorer and Safari Browser. Which client will be used by default if a user is connecting from a Safari Browser?

A.    Native Client
B.    Client for Java
C.    Embedded Native Client
D.    Remote Desktop Connection

Answer: B

Scenario: A single Web Interface server named xenappweb1.mycompany.com is currently being leveraged to host applications for Citrix users through HTTP. For additional redundancy and security as required by management, a second Web Interface server named xenappweb2.mycompany.com will be made available and load-balanced with a hardware load balancer and SSL will be used to secure all traffic to the Web Interface servers.In order to configure the environment to meet the requirements defined above, which three statements are valid configuration steps? (Choose three.)

A.    Install a separate SSL certificate on each server that matches the FQDN of each server.
B.    Install a root certificate on each Web Interface server that matches the certificate on the load balancer.
C.    Create a new DNS entry for xenapp.mycompany.com and assign it the IP address of the VIP on the
hardware load balancer.
D.    Create a new CNAME alias in DNS for xenapp.mycompany.com and add both Web Interface server
names to the record for load balancing.
E.    Create a new load balancing group on the load balancer that contains the Web Interface sites from
each Web Interface server that are to be load balanced.

Answer: BCE

After creating a XenApp Web site, an administrator must configure the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    farm zone
B.    name of the farm
C.    name of one or more servers in the farm
D.    name of published applications accessible through the site

Answer: BC

Scenario: An administrator implemented a Web Interface/Secure Gateway solution as shown in the attached exhibit. The firewall administrator requested information on which ports are required to be opened between the Secure Gateway/Web Interface server and the Citrix XenApp servers. Which two of the listed ports may need to be opened to allow users to launch an application and why? (Choose two.)

A.    Port 1494 for ICA traffic
B.    Port 2512 for IMA traffic
C.    Port 2513 for IMA traffic
D.    Port 2598 for session reliability
E.    Port 27000 for Citrix XenApp licensing

Answer: AD

Scenario: An administrator has a small Citrix XenApp farm. All users will access the farm through Web Interface. A small number of users have laptops and will require offline access to office applications as well as hosted applications.Which two steps are required to configure the Web Interface? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a XenApp Web site.
B.    Create a XenApp Services site.
C.    Ensure the resource type is set to remote.
D.    Ensure the resource type is set to streaming.
E.    Ensure the resource type is set to dual mode streaming.

Answer: BE

Scenario: An administrator wants to implement the Citrix Secure Gateway so that remote users can access their applications securely over the Web. There is a separate Secure Gateway and Web Interface server that is in a single-hop DMZ. There are 20 Citrix XenApp servers on the internal LAN hosting three applications. The administrator decided to use an internal Certification Authority to generate a signed certificate. In order to establish a successful client connection through Citrix Secure Gateway, an administrator should install __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct statements to complete the sentence.)

A.    a root server certificate on a client machine
B.    a server certificate on a Web Interface server
C.    a server certificate on a Secure Gateway server
D.    a root server certificate on a Web Interface server

Answer: AC

The Web Interface server communicates directly with which component in the Citrix XenApp farm to obtain application lists?

A.    Data store
B.    Data Collector
C.    Secure Gateway
D.    Citrix XML Service

Answer: D
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