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Voice over IP is an application that requires efficient use of bandwidth and reliability. VoIP must not suffer the delays that can be seen at times with Web sites and Web applications. Which technology can be used to help ensure the efficient transport of VoIP traffic?

A.    RTP
B.    QoS
C.    DNS
D.    RSTP

Answer: B

Which of the following are examples of interactive communication? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

A.    Video Conferencing
B.    E-mail
C.    Fax
D.    Phone call

Answer: AD

Which of the following devices is used to create VLANs in a small network?

A.    Repeater
B.    Switch
C.    Hub
D.    Bridge

Answer: B

Which of the following protocols provides sequence numbers to VoIP packets?

A.    TCP
B.    RTP
C.    UDP
D.    SCCP

Answer: B

You have just set up a wireless network for customers at a coffee shop. Which of the following are good security measures to implement?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

A.    Not broadcasting SSID
B.    MAC filtering the router
C.    Using WEP encryption
D.    Using WPA encryption

Answer: CD

Which of the following protocols is used by VoIP applications for communication initiation in the network?

A.    TLS
B.    NTP
C.    SIP
D.    SSH

Answer: C

Which of the following standards designates international numbering plans for devices connected to the PSTN?

A.    E.164
B.    ITU-T
C.    IETF
D.    T-161

Answer: A

You work as a Network Administrator for McNeil Inc. The company has a TCP/IP-based network. Performance of the network is slow because of heavy traffic. A hub is used as a central connecting device in the network. Which of the following devices can be used in place of a hub to control the network traffic efficiently?

A.    Repeater
B.    Router
C.    Switch
D.    Bridge

Answer: C

Andrew is working for a television station in North America and South America. What video standard is more possibly be used with the video stored in the archives of these stations?

A.    PAL
B.    NTSC
D.    IEEE 1394

Answer: B

Which of the following layers of the OSI model manages communication between communication entities in a network?

A.    Presentation
B.    Network
C.    Transport
D.    Session
E.    Application

Answer: D

When a phone is lifted off-hook, it connects the two wires causing an electrical signal to flow from the phone exchange to the phone. What is this electrical signal called?

A.    Off-hook signal
B.    Ground start signal
C.    Loop start signal
D.    On-hook signal

Answer: C

Trace analysis tools, management tools, and NBAR are used while implementing QoS policies. Which of the following tasks is performed by these tools during implementation of QoS policies?

A.    Defining policies
B.    Network audit
C.    Network security configuration
D.    Division of traffic into classes

Answer: B

Andrew has received a call from a user on a land line indicating that she cannot place calls with her VoIP softphone, but she can check her e-mail. What is the first step that Andrew should take to resolve this problem?

A.    Execute ping command on her PC.
B.    Log the problem.
C.    Execute the ipconfig command on her PC.
D.    Instruct her to ping the call manager.

Answer: B

Which of the following layers of the OSI model is responsible for converting between ASCII and EBCDIC?

A.    Network Layer
B.    Presentation Layer
C.    Transport Layer
D.    Application Layer

Answer: B

Which of the following types of attack can guess a hashed password?

A.    Evasion attack
B.    Denial of Service attack
C.    Teardrop attack
D.    Brute force attack

Answer: D
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