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What are two [2] features of ControlCenter SAN Manager?

A.    Ability to run ControlCenter in a secure fabric for DATA, Cisco and Brocade fabrics
B.    Discovery and monitoring of storage networks and their components to detect and respond to error conditions
C.    Assisted Discovery feature to assist ControlCenter agents that do not perform automated discovery of switches
D.    Ability to manage and zone DATA/Connectrix, Brocade, QLogic and Cisco switches, as well as mixed fabrics, including the ability to import active/inactive zoning elements during discovery

Answer: BC

A User creates a temporary file that causes the free space on a volume to drop below a trigger value. As the storage admin you may want to know about the condition only if the free space remains low for several hours and not when it temporarily dips. How do you implement this through ControlCenter?

A.    Disable Severity level
B.    Disable Alert Definition
C.    Change severity thresholds
D.    Change the efore settings

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.
On the Alerts View shown, the storage administrator has received several alerts from ControlCenter regarding the power subsystem on Symmetrix 000183600408. Which action was taken?

A.    A note was attached
B.    The alert was cleared
C.    An autofix was executed
D.    The severity level changed to 4

Answer: A

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On the sample Enterprise Storage window shown, what does the capital "U" icon next to Host "UNIX2" indicate?

A.    Undefined
B.    Unavailable
C.    Unmanaged
D.    Unreachable

er: C

What are the two [2] main report categories in the StorageScope main screen?

A.    Chargeback
B.    Infrastructure
C.    Billed customers
D.    Allocated storage
E.    Service consumers

Answer: BE

In a Fibre Channel switched environment, which two [2] activities should you perform after completing an SDR operation? Assume that zoning is already configured.

A.    Perform LUN masking
B.    Set the new device state to pot Ready
C.    Set the new device state to "Write Disabled"
D.    Reconfigure the hosts to recognize the new devices that are available for access

Answer: AD

Which three [3] items can be configured in a VisualSRM Report Job?

A.    List of Reports
B.    Report output format
C.    Threshold trigger levels
D.    Data gathering schedule
E.    Report generation schedule

Answer: ABE

Which UNIX host software component is required to support push-install of the VisualSRM Agent?

A.    Perl
B.    Secure Shell (ssh)
C.    Java (version 1.4 or above)
D.    File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Answer: B

The CIO wants you to create a Windows 2000 server storage allocation report. Your default server allocation report includes all server types (Windows 2000, AIX, Solaris). How would you create a Windows 2000 only report?

A.    Highlight all Windows 2000 servers and launch StorageScope reports
B.    Run All Host reports with a filtering on the Operation Systems Column that excludes "AIX" servers
C.    Create a filter that contains "Windows 2000" in the Operating System Column in your All Host reports.
D.    From the StorageScope Home Page select the Operating Systems Report, then create a filter on the Operating System Column that equals Windows 2000

Answer: C
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