2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Avaya 3107 Dumps (41-50)

What do Media Interfaces define?

A.    The IP addresses and ports for media
B.    The IP addresses and URIs
C.    The RTP and TCP ports for media
D.    The TLS and RTP ports for media

Answer: A

What are the essential steps to administer a Signaling Interface?

A.    Add signaling interface, and assign to Interworking Profile.
B.    Add media interface, and assign to signaling interface.
C.    Add media interface, and assign to Server Flow.
D.    Add signaling interface, and assign IP addresses and ports.

Answer: D

Which entity can also function as the Personal Profile Manager (PPM) for a Remote worker cluster?

A.    System Platform
B.    Session Manager
C.    Communication Manager
D.    System Manager

Answer: B

In which two flows are Signaling Interfaces administered in SIP trunking?

A.    NTP server and DNS server
B.    Dell server and HP server
C.    Trunk server and call server
D.    Call server and TFTP server

Answer: C

Which of the SBC administrative accounts has the greatest system access and null privileges?

A.    System
B.    Admin
C.    Manager
D.    Supervisor

Answer: B

In addition to logging in to the SBCE GUI (Dashboard), what is another way to verify a standalone SBC installation?

A.    Ping the call server
B.    Ping the trunk server
C.    Log into the EMS CLI
D.    Log into the SBC CLI

Answer: D

How many networks are subnets are required to commission the SBC and implement SIP trunking on an SBC located in the DMZ?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: D

When installing either configuration on the same hardware, which statement describes the relationship between the standalone SBC and the SBC + EMS ( all-in-one )?

A.    The standalone SBC software is the same as the SBC + EMS ( all-in-one ) software.
B.    The standalone SBC and the SBC + EMS ( all-in-one ) must be controlled by the same EMS.
C.    The standalone SBC and the SBC + EMS ( all-in-one ) are identical, regardless of hardware platform.
D.    The standalone SBC requires a different EMS from the SBC + EMS ( all-in-one ).

Answer: A

Which Installation type should you choose for a standalone (all-in one) configuration?

A.    EMS + UC-Sec
B.    EMS
C.    UC-Sec
D.    NTP + UC-Sec

Answer: A

Why can you not select an Installation type of EMS + UC-Sec for a high Availability (duplicated) configuration?

A.    The EMS has too few interfaces for High Availability.
B.    The SBC has too few Interfaces for High Availability.
C.    EMS and UC-Sec have- different interfaces and are incompatible with High Availability.
D.    High Availability configurations always require a separate (standalone) EMS.

Answer: D

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