IBM OpenPages Developer Fundamentals

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2020-001
Exam Name: IBM OpenPages Developer Fundamentals

In IBM OpenPages, you want to configure a profile. Which three functions are available? (Choose three.)

A.    Associate users.
B.    Add new fields to the database.
C.    Set localized object text.
D.    Set up a home page.
E.    Configure views for an object type.

Answer: ADE

You want to use Computed Fields to dynamically calculate a value based on other fields every time an object is viewed. You decide to have values persisted rather than dynamic. What are two reasons to do this? (Choose two.)

A.    The value is calculated only when fields on an object are saved; dynamically computing the
value for each view is unnecessary.
B.    Dynamic values require fields to be editable, so persisting the value through other means allows
you to make the field read-only.
C.    Persisting a calculated value based on many other objects allows you to use that value in
CommandCenter reports more efficiently.
D.    Computed Fields are not visible in Past Reporting periods.

Answer: AC

What are three platform object types that are installed by default on all OpenPages systems’? (Choose three.)

A.    Process
B.    Business Entity
C.    File
D.    Issue
E.    Risk

Answer: BCD

Which three statements are true about required fields? (Choose three.)

A.    A field can be defined to be required for an object type.
B.    A field can be defined to be required for a field definition.
C.    A field can be defined to be required for a profile.
D.    A field can be defined to be required by a field dependency rule.
E.    A field can be defined to be required by a dependent picklist.

Answer: BCD

Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the correct Folder Path column value required so that the Boston entity will be imported through FastMap?

A.    /North America/Mexico/United States/Canada
B.    North America/United States/
C.    United States/Cleveland/Boston
D.    /North America/United States/Boston

Answer: D

Using OpenPages, you want to define triggers to perform actions. What are three scenarios where you would do this? (Choose three.)

A.    Creating an Object
B.    Creating an Object type
C.    Associating Objects
D.    Copying Objects
E.    Creating a user

Answer: ACD

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