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Network Management – Smarts Administration: E22-250 Exam

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  • Exam Code: EMC E22-250
  • Exam Name: Network Management – Smarts Administration
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1: A switch appears down in Service Assurance Manager. After trying to troubleshoot the problem, an operator finds out that the switch has been removed from service. Why didn’t this switch automatically become Unmanaged in Smarts?
A.IP Availability Manager needs to be restarted to remove this switch.
B.Other devices that were connected to this switch are still reachable by Smarts.
C.This switch requires rediscovery.
D.Unmanaging devices is a manual process.
Correct Answers: D

2: You want to enhance your existing AM Domain Manager by adding Smarts IP Performance monitoring to your installation. You are running Service Assurance Manager version 7.1.0. What should you do to be sure the upgraded AM is sending the correct information to SAM?
A.Ensure that the Domain Type for the Domain Manager has been changed to INCHARGE-AM-PM-SUITE
B.Launch performance reporting to see if performance data gathering is working
C.Make sure SAM has been restarted after installing the new IP Performance license
D.Verify your IP Domain Manager has been renamed to include “PM”
Correct Answers: A

3: The network administrator asked that all remote branch access routers be polled more often to get more granular measurement of performance metrics. What needs to be done?
A.Copy the existing Router Polling group and split the members between the two groups
B.Create a new Polling group for the branch office routers with a shorter polling interval
C.Create a new Threshold group and set the Polling setting in the Threshold Window to a lower value
D.Reduce the Threshold to accommodate the new requirement
Correct Answers: B

4: Which Performance Monitor Setting will give early warning that an interface is too busy?
C.Restart Trap Window
Correct Answers: D

5: Which adapter pulls topology and events from the underlying Domain Manager to the Service Assurance Manager?
A.dxa adapter
B.syslog adapter
C.trap adapter
D.xml adapter
Correct Answers: A

6: You want to perform a discovery of devices in the pending state. You want to schedule this discovery using cron. Which Smarts command utility can be used to trigger this type of discovery in an IP Availability Domain Manager?
Correct Answers: D

7: A telecommunications company has already mapped its customers to the network topology provisioning tool. Into which Smarts product could you import that information?
A.Business Impact Manager
B.IP Availability Manager
C.Service Assurance Manager
D.Smarts Adapter Manager
Correct Answers: A

8: The customer wants to install the IP Availability Management Suite on a SUSE Linux server. Which IP Management Suite document can be used to determine if this operating system is supported?
A.Deployment Guide
B.Installation Guide
C.System Administration Guide
D.User’s Guide
Correct Answers: B

9: dmctl -s IP invoke ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager save
What effect will the above command have on Smarts?
A.Correlation will occur immediately.
B.Domain Manager topology changes are discarded.
C.The Codebook will be recomputed.
D.The repository will be written to a file.
Correct Answers: D

10: Which relationship exists between a card and its ports?
Correct Answers: C

11: Which sm_server parameters are required when starting a Service Assurance Manager?
A.–name and –config
B.–name and –port
C.–server and –config
D.–server and –port
Correct Answers: A

12: Where are the Global Console map background files stored?
Correct Answers: C

13: You noticed that the selective group you created is named incorrectly. How would you fix this?
A.Create a new group with the correct name, duplicate the criteria used in the mistitled group, and delete the old group
B.Delete the entire group tree and start over
C.Double-click on the selective group and change the name in the Properties dialog box
D.Right-click on the selective group, choose Properties, and then change the Title entry to the correct name
Correct Answers: A

14: Where do you set the value of MaximumUptime for the Dial-On-Demand interfaces?
A.Polling and Thresholds Console > Threshold tab > Interface Groups
B.Polling and Thresholds Console > Threshold tab > Port Groups – Access Ports
C.Polling and Thresholds Console > Threshold tab > Port Groups – Trunk Ports
D.Polling and Thresholds Console > Threshold tab > System Resource Groups
Correct Answers: A

15: Click the Exhibit button.
The current weights.conf file contains:
Which impact value would be calculated for this Switch Down problem?
Correct Answers: D