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RecoverPoint Data Replication and Recovery Exam: E22-275 Exam

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1.Which volumes must be masked to all RPAs when deploying the CLARiiON splitter?
A. The replication volumes plus the journal and repository
B. None, the CLARiiON splitter performs all masking for Recoverpoint
C. Only the replication volumes
D. The journal and repository volumes
Answer: A

2.What are the required components to implement RecoverPoint CDP.?
A. Repository volumes and journal volume
B. Journal volumes and WAN link
C. Fabric splitter and repository volume
D. Repository volume and WAN link
Answer: A

3.What is the maximum number of DVTs per MSM module that can be created in a SANTap environment?
A. 64
B. 256
C. 128
D. 32
Answer: C

4.For the RPA to be able to use LUNs during replication,AIX SCSI-2 reservation on those LUNs must be disabled. What should you run to check if reservations are enabled for a storage device?
A. ls -al /dev/
B. lsattr -El
C. lsdev -fcs0
D. chdev -l
Answer: B

5.A CE is using Deployment Manager to install two RPAs in a new CDP configuration. All the RPAs are rack mounted, and FC and IP networks are connected. The RP As are loaded with the same ISO image and IP addresses are set. However, the Deployment Manager fails. What is a possible cause?
A. The customer s PC must be on the same subnet as the RPAs.
B. The customer must ensure that port 22 is open on their PC or network.
C. The customer should not set the IP addresses on the new RPAs first.
D. The customer must connect to the RPAs using a crossover cable for the first installation.
Answer: B

6.A customer found that their RPAs using QLA23xx HBAs are having strange I/O errors. Finally they determined the problem is from zoning. What should they do to fix it?
A. Pair one initiator mode HBA and two target mode HBAs into one zone.
B. Separate zoning of the RPA HBA into initiator and target mode zones.
C. Pair one initiator mode HBA and one target mode HBA into one zone.
D. Put all RPA HBAs on the RPA into a single zone.
Answer: B

7.A customer is implementing a RecoverPoint/SE environment with CLARiiON splitters. They have many CLARiiONs in their environment that they would like to integrate with RecoverPoint/SE. What is the maximum number of CLARiiON splitter-enabled storage arrays supported by the the new ecoverPoint/SE cluster?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 20
D. 10
Answer: A

8.You are configuring a SAS splitter. You now want to make the splitter visible to the RPAs. Which steps must you complete next?
A. Virtual initiators must be masked to the LUNs to be replicated.
B. The RPA target zone must be created and activated.
C. The host initiators must be bound to their virtual targets.
D. The RPA front-end zone must be created and activated.
Answer: B

9.You ve implemented an AIX host-based splitter on the replica side. Now you need to test the data integrity. What would be your first step?
A. Import volume group
B. Enable image access
C. Mount the replica volume
D. Export volume group
Answer: B set for the storage ports in the back-end and front-end VSANs?
A. ESX and Windows
B. AIX,Solaris, and Linux
C. AIX and HP-UX
D. HP-UX and Linux
Answer: C

11.A customer has asked you to evaluate their RecoverPoint configuration. It is a CRR implementation.
They are experiencing high load events for many consistency groups assigned to RPA1. RPA2 CGs seem to be fine. What would you recommend to avoid this?
A. Regularty run detect_bottlenecks to balance the load of all CGS.
B. Utilize compression level 10 under CG policies.
C. Implement QoS on the WAN.
D. Balance the load between all RPAs. Utilize distributed CGs where necessary.
Answer: A

12.What component of the Brocade SAS splitter gives RPAs access to the storage targets for consistency groups that use reservations?
A. Virtual target (VT)
B. Appliance virtual target (AVT)
C. System virtual initiator (SVI)
D. Data path controller (DPC)
Answer: B

13.The customer has created a group set with four CGs. After a few days, they discovered automatic bookmarking wasn t working. What is the possible reason?
A. All CGs must be running in asynchronous mode.
B. All CGs must be running in synchronous mode.
C. A group set can only support two CGs.
D. The source sites of the CGs are different from each other.
Answer: D

14.A customer running RecoverPoint 3.0 wants to expand their cluster from four nodes to eight nodes.
What step should be performed during the expansion?
A. After the first node has been reconfigured, import its changed settings onto the remaining RPAs.
B. The repository volume must be formatted on all the nodes in the original RPA cluster.
C. Untilize the Add New RPAs Wizard in the Deployment Manager to add the RPAs nondisruptively.
D. Add the new RPAs to the cluster before the fourth node is reconfigured.
Answer: C

15.Refer to the exjibit. Which type of consistency group data flow transfer phase is represented by thegraphic?

A. Synchronous non-distributed groups
B. Asynchronous non-distributed groups
C. Asynchronous distributed groups
D. Synchronous distributed groups
Answer: C

16.You are configuring RecoverPoint using only the SANTap splitter. Which physical node ports should be placed in which VSAN?
A. Host HBAs and storage ports in the front-end VSAN, all RPA ports in the back-end VSAN
B. Host HBAs alone in the front-end VSAN; all RPAs and storage ports in the back-end VSAN
C. Host HBAs in the back-end VSAN; all RPAd and storage ports in the front-end VSAN
D. Host-HBAs and RPA target ports in the front-end VSAN; RPAs initiator and storage ports in the back-end VSAN
Answer: B

17.Which user ID do you use to log in to the blade processor of s Connectrix AP-7600 when you want to verify the status of the RecoverPoint agent?
A. adminstrator
B. admin
C. root
D. boxmgmt
Answer: C

18.A customer is implementing a new six-node Gen4 RPA environment with multiple fabrics. You are required to zone for a host-based splitter configuration. What must be considered to properly zone the RPAs?
A. Each RPA must be connected to only one fabric.
B. RPA WWNs can be recognized by their 50:06:10:60 prefix.
C. Use RPA HBA ports as both initiators and targets.
D. Zoning only needs a host to storage zones and a host to RPA zones.
Answer: C

19.Which SANTsp object is used as a virtual target in the front-end VSAN?
Answer: C

20.A customer has an environment with hosts sustaining 200 MB/s with bursts up to 400 MB/s. What is the minimum recommended configuration for a RecoverPoint CRR implementation?
A. Four RPAs at each site
B. Two RPAs each site
C. Six RPAs at each site
D. Eight RPAs at each site
Answer: A