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A company has decided to migrate an existing IKEv1 VPN tunnel to IKEv2. Which two arevalid configuration constructs on a Cisco IOS router? (Choose two.)

A.    crypto ikev2 keyring keyring-name
peer peer1
pre-shared-key local key1
pre-shared-key remote key2
B.    crypto ikev2 transform-set transform-set-name esp-3des esp-md5-hmac
esp-aes esp-sha-hmac
C.    crypto ikev2 map crypto-map-name
set crypto ikev2 tunnel-group tunnel-group-name
set crypto ikev2 transform-set transform-set-name
D.    crypto ikev2 tunnel-group tunnel-group-name
match identity remote address
authentication local pre-share
authentication remote pre-share
E.    crypto ikev2 profile profile-name
match identity remote address
authentication local pre-share
authentication remote pre-share

Answer: AE

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Which four activities does the Key Server perform in a GETVPN deployment? (Choose four.)

A.    authenticates group members
B.    manages security policy
C.    creates group keys
D.    distributes policy/keys
E.    encrypts endpoint traffic
F.    receives policy/keys
G.    defines group members

Answer: ABCD

Where is split-tunneling defined for remote access clients on an ASA?

A.    Group-policy
B.    Tunnel-group
C.    Crypto-map
D.    Web-VPN Portal
E.    ISAKMP client

Answer: A

Which of the following could be used to configure remote access VPN Host-scan and pre- login policies?

A.    ASDM
B.    Connection-profile CLI command
C.    Host-scan CLI command under the VPN group policy
D.    Pre-login-check CLI command

Answer: A

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In FlexVPN, what command can an administrator use to create a virtual template interface that can be configured and applied dynamically to create virtual access interfaces?

A.    interface virtual-template number type template
B.    interface virtual-template number type tunnel
C.    interface template number type virtual
D.    interface tunnel-template number

Answer: B

In FlexVPN, what is the role of a NHRP resolution request?

A.    It allows these entities to directly communicate without requiring traffic to use an intermediate hop
B.    It dynamically assigns VPN users to a group
C.    It blocks these entities from to directly communicating with each other
D.    It makes sure that each VPN spoke directly communicates with the hub

Answer: A

What are three benefits of deploying a GET VPN? (Choose three.)

A.    It provides highly scalable point-to-point topologies.
B.    It allows replication of packets after encryption.
C.    It is suited for enterprises running over a DMVPN network.
D.    It preserves original source and destination IP address information.
E.    It simplifies encryption management through use of group keying.
F.    It supports non-IP protocols.

Answer: BDE

What is the default topology type for a GET VPN?

A.    point-to-point
B.    hub-and-spoke
C.    full mesh
D.    on-demand spoke-to-spoke

Answer: C

Which two GDOI encryption keys are used within a GET VPN network? (Choose two.)

A.    key encryption key
B.    group encryption key
C.    user encryption key
D.    traffic encryption key

Answer: AD

What are the three primary components of a GET VPN network? (Choose three.)

A.    Group Domain of Interpretation protocol
B.    Simple Network Management Protocol
C.    server load balancer
D.    accounting server
E.    group member
F.    key server

Answer: AEF

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