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IP phones A (extension 1001), B (extension 1002), and C (extension 1003) are registered to the CME system and are able to call each other by dialing each others’ extension numbers. However, when any of the phones attempt to transfer a call to any of the other phones they get a fast busy tone. How can the transfer issue be resolved? (Choose 2)

A.    Upgrade the IP phone firmware with the latest version.
B.    Reset the phonesso that the transfer capability will work.
C.    Add this command under “telephony service” on the CME system: transfer-pattern 1 . . .
or transfer-pattern . . . ‘
D.    Add this command under “telephony-service” on the CME system: transfer-system full-consult

Answer: BC

Which ports must be opened on an IOS firewall to allow successful H.225 RAS (Registration, Admission, and Status) message exchanges between an IOS gatekeeper and IOS H.323 gateways?

A.    TCP 1718 and TCP 1719
B.    UDP 1718 and TCP 1719
C.    UDP 1718 and UDP 1719
D.    UDP 1719 and UDP 1720
E.    TCP 1718 and TCP 1720

Answer: C

Company CADORNA’s INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco Contact Center Express and are looking for a design that provides maximum resilience, performance, and redundancy. They are planning to install Cisco CallManager 4.1(3) and Cisco Contact Center Express 4.0. How many CTI Managers can we configure in one cluster?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    8
E.    16

Answer: D

Company CADORNA’s INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model, using Cisco CallManager 4.1(3). The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches interconnected with an MPLS network that provides “full-mesh” connectivity between all sites. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A.    This topology implies that, from an IP routing perspective on the enterprise side of the network,
each site is one IP hop away from all other sites.
B.    From the Cisco CallManager’s call admission control perspective, a service-provider IP WAN service
based on MPLS is in reality equivalent to a hub-and-spoke topology without a hub site.
C.    This configuration requires that call admission control be performed on the central site link independently
of the branch links.
D.    The Cisco CallManager Servers need to be aware of the underlying MPLS network by setting the
appropriate Enterprise Parameters.
E.    All of the above statements are true.

Answer: D

If the CFNA and CFB are set to a hunt pilot number, what impact will the maximum hunt timer have on a call sent to the hunt pilot?

A.    The timer limits the number of seconds allotted for hunting through a hunt list.
B.    The timer limits the number of seconds the call will wait for an answer at each member of a line group.
C.    The timer limits the number of seconds a call will wait before being forwarded to a voice- messaging
system, a specific dialed number, or some personal treatment (if configured), or the call gets released.
D.    The timer allows limits on the number of seconds allotted to hunting through a line group.

Answer: A

Two ports on a 3600 gateway platform are stuck in the EM_PARK state. What are two possible causes of this problem? (Choose 2)

A.    A call is parked and no one has answered.
B.    A fake answer has been configured on the router.
C.    The DSP is having hardware or software issues.
D.    The PSTN switch / PBX is sending a continuous off-hook signal

Answer: CD

Which of the following is NOT true about DHCP snooping?

A.    DHCP snooping is a feature that provides network security by filtering untrusted DHCP messages
and by building and maintaining a DHCP snooping binding database.
B.    For DHCP snooping to function properly, all DHCP servers must be connected to the switch through
trusted interfaces.
C.    DHCP Snooping is enabled by VLAN.
D.    DHCP Snooping has the capability to use rate limiting.
E.    DHCP Snooping stops Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks

Answer: E

Acme Widgets Inc. wants to compress the voice data traveling over their WAN connection to their parent company. They are presently using the G.729 loading two voice frames per packet. When they implement cRTP using the ip rtp header-compression command, what will be the bandwidth consumption per call over the HDLC WAN link?

A.    8.0 kbps
B.    8.8 kbps
C.    9.6 kbps
D.    12.0 kbps
E.    16.0 kbps

Answer: C

Which two conditions will result in an H.323 gatekeeper receiving an ARQ from a registered H.323 endpoint? (Choose two.)

A.    A remote zone endpoint initiates a call.
B.    A local zone endpoint requests permission to admit an incoming call.
C.    A remote zone endpoint sends keepalive to ensure registration continuity.
D.    A remote zone gatekeeper initiates a call.
E.    A local zone endpoint initiates a call.
F.    A local zone endpoint sends keepalive to ensure registration continuity.

Answer: BE

Match the IP Multicast Components as per their simple definitions.
1) Basic Multicast
2) Reliable Multicast
3) One-to-Many Multicast
4) Inter-Domain Multicast
5) Many-to-Many Multicast
a. MBGP , MSDP, Anycast RP, RGMP, BSR
b. SSM and IGMP v3
c. PIM – Bi-Directional
d. PGM
e. PIM SM, DM, Auto RP, IGMP v2, CGMP

A.    1 – d, 2 – b, 3 – c, 4 – e, 5 – a
B.    1 – e, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – d, 5 – b
C.    1 – e, 2 – d, 3 – b, 4 – a, 5 – c
D.    1 – a, 2 – b, 3 – c, 4 – d, 5 – e

Answer: C

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