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Which three options are valid SCCP call states sent to an IP phone?

A.    Ring Off
B.    On Hook
C.    Call Transmit
D.    Connected
E.    Disconnected
F.    In Use Remotely

Answer: BDF

In a VoIP deployment, which two protocols satisfy the following three requirements? (Choose two.)
Requirement 1: the protocol has a mechanism for a centralized dial-plan
Requirement 2: the endpoints are considered to be unintelligent
Requirement 3: the protocol is text-based

A.    SIP
B.    H.323
C.    MGCP
D.    SCCP

Answer: CD

Which three of these are mandatory sub-commands of the call-manager-fallback command and will help an IP phone register to an IOS router in SRST mode? (Choose three.)

A.    access-code
B.    dialplan-pattern
C.    ip source-address
D.    keepalive
E.    max-dn
F.    max-ephones

Answer: CEF

Which two of the following are functions of DHCP snooping? (Choose two.)

A.    relies on already discovered trusted and untmsted ports
B.    dynamic ARP inspection
C.    defines trusted and untrusted ports
D.    uses existing binding tables
E.    builds a binding table
F.    automatically builds ACLs

Answer: CE

Cadorna Inc. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP telephony using the centralized call processing model. The company has a headquarters location with 25 branches. They are interconnected with an MPLS network that provides full-mesh connectivity between all sites.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    From an IP routing perspective on the enterprise side of the network, each site is two hops away
from all other sites.
B.    From the Call Admission Control perspective of Cisco Unified Communications Manager,
a service-provider IP WAN service that is based on MPLS is, in reality, equivalent to a hub-and- spoke
topology without a hub site.
C.    This design requires that Call Admission Control be performed on the central site link independently
of the branch links.
D.    The Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers need to be aware of the underlying MPLS network
by setting the appropriate enterprise parameters.
E.    This design using MPLS will not allow Call Admission Control to be performed.

Answer: BC

Which three statements are true about Cisco Discovery Protocol? (Choose three.)

A.    It is an excellent tool for displaying the interface status on switches.
B.    It works on top of the network layer and data link level.
C.    It uses a multicast packet with a destination MAC address of 01-00-CC-CC-CC.
D.    The platform TLV (TLV type 0x0006) contains an ASCII character string that describes the hardware
platform of the device
E.    You can use the CDP timer feature to change update times. The default is 60 seconds.
F.    It uses a broadcast packet with a destination MAC address of 01-00-CC-CC-CC.

Answer: ADE

What is the required bandwidth for three G.729 VoIP calls on a WAN Frame Relay link with cRTP turned off? (Note: The payload size is 30 bytes.

A.    72 kb/s
B.    66 kb/s
C.    55.8 kb/s
D.    60.9 kb/s

Answer: D

If enabled, the RSVP for LLQ feature will assign which two types of flows to the priority queue? (Choose two.)

A.    all RSVP bandwidth requests
B.    voice flows generated from Cisco IOS applications
C.    voice flows generated from third-party applications, such as Microsoft NetMeeting
D.    all traffic marked DSCP EF
E.    all traffic marked CoS 5

Answer: BC

Which three statements apply to the route filter function in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    A route filter can be used to restrict dialing certain numbers.
B.    A route filter can be used to identify a subset of a wildcard pattern.
C.    A route filter cannot effectively block the dialing of 900 area codes.
D.    The “.” wildcard denotes a portion of a route pattern that is not stripped when the pattern matches.
E.    The wildcard “@” denotes any number that you can dial in the North American numbering system.
F.    A route filter cannot be used in conjunction with partitions and Calling Search Spaces to set up complex
dialing rules

Answer: ABE

An IP phone is connected to a Cisco Inline Power switch port. The switch is running Native IOS image. The switch port is acting as a trunk and is running both voice and data VLAN configuration on it. You would like the IP phone connected to the switch port in voice VLAN to assign a Layer 2 priority to all packets coming from the PC to default 0. Which IOS CLI in the interface port configuration for the inline power switch will help you achieve this objective?

A.    switchport access priority extend cos 0
B.    switchport priority extend cos 0
C.    switchport trunk priority cos 0
D.    switchport mode access priority extend cos 0
E.    mis qos priority extend cos 0
F.    switchport access extend cos 0

Answer: B

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