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Which of these is a pair of RSVP reservation types?

A.    Distinct and Shared
B.    Same and Distinct
C.    Shared and non-shared
D.    Reservation and Path

Answer: A

Company Alpha has a central office and a branch office that utilize a central call processing toplogy. Calls between the two sites are using the G.729 codec; calls within each site are using the G.711 codec.
To conference an existing call between two phones at the central site with a phone at the remote office, which two of the following are possible solutions? (Choose two.)

A.    a software conference bridge that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B.    a software conference bridge that is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and a
HW transcoder
C.    a hardware conference bridge
D.    a hardware transcoder and a hardware conference bridge
E.    No extra configurations required-phones automatically negotiate using the lowest common denominator
codec (G.729)

Answer: BC

Which two statements apply to the partitions function in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    When a directory number or route pattern is placed into a certain partition, this creates a rule for who
can call that device or route list
B.    A partition is a logical grouping of directory numbers and route patterns that have similar reachability
C.    Calling Search Spaces are assigned to partitions.
D.    A directory number may appear in only one partition.
E.    Within the partition, each CSS has a directory number.

Answer: AB

What is the default DTMF relay for Cisco Unity Express when integrated via SIP?

B.    SIP Notify
D.    in-band audio
E.    SIP Subscribe/Notify

Answer: B

Which event does not trigger Cisco Unity Connection to turn off MWI for a user IP phone?

A.    when all new messages are listened to
B.    when a user deletes a new message without listening to it
C.    when a user listens to only part of a message and hangs up
D.    when a user deletes a message after listening to only part of it
E.    none of the above

Answer: E

Which digital telephony signaling protocol does not support ANI information?

A.    T1 PRI
B.    T1 CAS E&M Feature Group B
C.    E1 R2
D.    T1 BRI
E.    T1 CAS E&M Feature Group D

Answer: B

A customer needs to create a plan for deploying QoS across the company network in anticipation of adding a VoIP solution and to clean up the existing network. Employees currently use a corporate intranet to report expenses and access ERP and manufacturing applications, the Intemet for customer support and customer orders, and a recently installed IP-based video- conferencing system, which has been only marginally successful because of poor quality.
Which four CoS-DSCP values should be applied to the customer network so that voice, video, and data all function properly? (Choose four.)

A.    ERP and manufacturing protocols AF31
B.    video AF41, video signaling CS3
C.    Voice bearer AF43, voice signaling AF26
D.    Internet BE
E.    ERP and manufacturing protocols AF43
F.    voice bearer EF, voice signaling CS3

Answer: ABDF

Which statement about the Media Resource Group on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is correct?

A.    Different types of media resources cannot be grouped into the same Media Resource Group.
B.    A Media Resource Group contains a prioritized list of media resources.
C.    The default Media Resource Group is defined in the service parameters of Cisco Unified
Communications Manager.
D.    Once a media resource is associated with a Media Resource Group, it is no longer eligible to be
associated with another Media Resource Group.
E.    The Media Resource Group configuration page allows administrators to choose whether to use
multicast for MOH audio.

Answer: E

Which three are valid T1 CAS types? (Choose three.)

A.    E&M signaling
B.    semicompelled signaling
C.    loop-start signaling
D.    line signaling
E.    Group 1 signaling
F.    ground-start signaling

Answer: ACF

Which two of these are possible reasons why a JTAPI subsystem might have the status PARTIAL_SERVICE? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Contact Center is not able to resolve the host name of Cisco Unified Communications
B.    A referenced CTI Route Point is not associated with the JTAPI user.
C.    The JTAPI user password is not correct.
D.    There is an error in one of the scripts being loaded.
E.    The CTI Manager service is not running on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: BD

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