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A Unity server is being deployed in a dual integration with CallManager and a PBX. The PBX integration will utilize a PIMG. Which two of the following statements are true? (Choose 2)

A.    The CallManager integration must be completed first.
B.    PCI voice cards are not required for the Unity server.
C.    The PBX will require an analog port for each PIMG port.
D.    The PBX and the PIMG must be co-located.
E.    The PIMG will communicate with Unity using SCCP.

Answer: BD

ACME is migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. They have setup an Exchange Mixed- Mode Environment. Which of the following statements regarding integrating Unity into this environment are correct?

A.    The partner server must be an Exchange 2000 server for Unity to service both Exchange 5.5 and
Exchange 2000 mailboxes.
B.    One Unity server partners with an Exchange 2000 server and one Unity server partners with an
Exchange 5.5 server. Digital networking is used to forward messages between the systems.
C.    The Unity server can support multiple Exchange 5.5 organizations but only one Exchange 2000
D.    The Unity server must be voice-mail only until the Exchange migration is complete.

Answer: A

Which two of the following attributes would correctly describe H.323? (Choose 2)

A.    Peer-to-Peer
B.    Master/Slave
C.    Uses a Proxy Server to communicate with Cisco CallManager
D.    Centralized dial plan management
E.    Intelligent Endpoints

Answer: AE

Unity extensions will increase the Active Directory size by approximately what percent?

A.    5
B.    10
C.    15
D.    20

Answer: B

Which string is not a valid route pattern on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    123@
B.    123.
C.    123*
D.    123$
E.    123?

Answer: D

Which R2 signaling element passes address information such as calling- and called-party numbers?

A.    pulse signaling
B.    delaydial signaling
C.    line signaling
D.    interregister signaling
E.    out-of-band signaling

Answer: D

Which three of these are possible reasons why a JTAPI subsystem might have the status PARTIAL_SERVICES? (Choose Three)

A.    Cisco Unified Contact Center is not able to resolve the host name of Cisco Unified Communications
B.    A referenced CTI Route Point is not associated with the JTAPI user.
C.    The JTAPI user password is not correct.
D.    There is an error in one of the scripts being loaded.

Answer: BCD

Which two codecs provide built-in VAD? (Choose two.)

A.    G.711 mu-law
B.    G722-64K
C.    G.723.1 Annex A
D.    G.726
E.    G 729
F.    G 729 Annex B

Answer: CF

Which two statements about the H.323 Fast Connect (also known as fast start) procedures are not correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Fast Connect was introduced in H.323 version 2.
B.    Fast Connect was introduced in H.323 version 3.
C.    Fast Connect Open Logical Channel elements can only be carried in H.225 call setup and
callconnect messages.
D.    Fast Connect Open Logical Channel elements can be carried in H.225 facility messages.
E.    The Fast Connect proposal can be refused by the receiving H.323 endpoint.
F.    Fast Connect allows logical channel negotiations earlier in the H.225 stage.

Answer: BF

Which E1 time slots are used to carry encoded voice only?

A.    time slots 0 to 31
B.    time slots 0 to 15, and 17 to 31
C.    time slots 1 to 32
D.    time slots 0 to 15, and 17 to 32
E.    time slots 0 to 15, and 17 to 32

Answer: B

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