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Which three attributes correctly describe aspects of SIP? (Choose three)

A.    peer-to-peer
B.    Master/Slave
C.    call preservation on gateway failover from one Unified Communications Manager server to another
D.    communication with Unified Communications Manager handled via a proxy server
E.    centralized dial plan management
F.    intelligent endpoints

Answer: ADF

When using the Local Route Group feature in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, in which two levels can you apply the called party transformation pattern? (Choose two.)

A.    device pool
B.    gateway
C.    route pattern
D.    route group
E.    route list
F.    service parameter

Answer: AB

In a VoIP deployment, which two protocols satisfy the following three requirements? (Choose two)
Requirement 1: the protocol has a mechanism for a centralized dial-plan
Requirement 2: the endpoint are considered to be unintelligent
Requirement 3: the protocol is text-based

A.    SIP
B.    H.323
C.    MGCP
D.    SCCP

Answer: CD

According to RFC 3551, where default mappings between RTP payload type numbers and encodings are defined, which RTP payload type corresponds to encoded packets that are triggered by silence on a call with voice activity detection?

A.    0
B.    13
C.    15
D.    18

Answer: B
As this link shows payload type 13 corresponds to
silence suppression, while payload type 18 corresponds to codec G729

When calls are placed by certain Cisco Unified Communications Manager supplementary services, the Local Route Group feature will be bypassed. Which of these does not belong to the supplementary services?

A.    Call Back
B.    Call Forward
C.    Message Waiting indicator
D.    Mobility Follow Me
E.    Path Replacement

Answer: B

Which Cisco IOS Command and configuration mode can be used to force a Cisco IOS voice gateway to use TCP as the transport for SIP?

A.    router (config)#sip transport tcp
B.    router (conf-voi-serv)#no sip transport udp
C.    router (conf-serv-sip)# no sip transport udp
D.    router (conf-serv-sip)# transport tcp
E.    router (config-sip-us)# no transport udp

Answer: E

Which statement about the Cisco Unity Connection message quota enforcement policies when a mailbox has exceeded the send/receive quota is incorrect?

A.    the user is unable to send messages.
B.    Cisco Unity Connection will automatically purge all deleted messages in the user mailbox.
C.    The user hears a warning that the message cannot be sent.
D.    Unidentified callers are not allowed are not allowed to leave message for the user.
E.    Message from other users generate nonedelivery receipts to the senders.

Answer: B

Which of these best describes packetization delay in a VoIP network?

A.    the time that is taken by the DSP to compress a block of PCM samples
B.    the time that is taken by the compression algorithm to correctly process samples block N
C.    the time that is taken to fill a packet payload with encoded/compression speech
D.    the time that is required to clock a voice frame onto the network interface
E.    the time that is taken to queue a voice frame for transmission on the network connection

Answer: C

Cisco Unity extends a number of schema object classes in Microsoft Active Directory during the schema extension process. Which three object classes are extended by the Cisco Unity schema extension process? (Choose three.)

A.    user
B.    computer
C.    domain
D.    organizational unit
E.    group
F.    contact

Answer: AEF

What is the default maximum recording length that is allowed for system broadcast messages on a Cisco Unity Connection server?

A.    5 minutes
B.    10 minutes
C.    15 minutes
D.    20 minutes
E.    30 minutes

Answer: A

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