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If the bandwidth total default 64 command is configured in a gatekeeper, then what is true of that gatekeeper?

A.    it will admit up to 64 calls, regardless of codec used
B.    it will not admit any calls because all calls initially account of 128 kb/s
C.    it will admit a minimum of four calls using the G.729 codec
D.    it will admit up to four calls using the G.729 codec
E.    it will admit a G.711 call in one direction only, since 64 is half of 128 kb/s

Answer: D

On a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which MGCP message is initiated by the gateway?

A.    RQNT
B.    NTFY
C.    EPCF
D.    CRCX

Answer: B

According to the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, what is the maximum power (in watts) that is delivered to a power-consuming device?

A.    6.3
B.    14.5
C.    15.4
D.    20
E.    22.5
F.    25.4

Answer: C

What is the complete name of LLDP-MED, an enhancement to the vendor-neutral LLDP that is supported on Cisco switches?

A.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery
B.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Enhancement Delivery
C.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Enhancement Discovery
D.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Multiple Enhancement Delivery
E.    Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Multiple Endpoint Discovery

Answer: A

Cisco Unified Communications Manager generates different types of alarms to indicate system- or process-related problems. “Code Yellow” is one of these alarms. Which of these system or process exceptions will trigger a Code Yellow alarm on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    when a hard drive fails
B.    when there is a memory leak
C.    when the Cisco Unified Communications Manager application generates a core dump
D.    when a database replication problem arises
E.    when calls are throttled because of an unacceptably high delay in call handling

Answer: E

The Cisco UMR feature allows Cisco Unity to take outside caller messages while their Exchange Server is unavailable. Which two statements about Cisco UMR are incorrect? (Choose two.)

A.    If the Cisco Unity primary Exchange Server goes offline, all subscribers hear the UMR conversation.
B.    Cisco Unity messages, deposited while the Message Store is down, will have different time stamps
after the Message Store returns to service and handles the message delivery.
C.    When Cisco Unity moves messages from Cisco UMR to the Exchange Server, all messages appear
as new even if they were listened to using the UMR conversation, thus also triggering MWIs.
D.    Cisco Unity does not light MWIs for messages that arrived during an outage and are in Cisco UMR.
E.    The Cisco UMR messages that Cisco Unity handled during an Exchange outage are stored in the
local directory at “C:\Commserver\UnityMTA”. This path is hardcoded and cannot be changed after
the Cisco Unity installation.
F.    During an Exchange outage, messages to the unaddressed message distribution lists appear in
Cisco UMR and can be accessed by all members of the list.

Answer: EF

Which Cisco IOS command and configuration mode can be used to force a Cisco IOS voice gateway to use TCP as the transport protocol for SIP?

A.    router(config)#sip transport tcp
B.    router(conf-voi-serv)#no sip transport udp
C.    router(conf-serv-sip)#no transport udp
D.    router(conf-serv-sip)#transport tcp
E.    router(config-sip-ua)#no transport udp

Answer: E

Which delay in a VoIP network is also known as accumulation delay?

A.    coder delay
B.    network switching delay
C.    queuing delay
D.    packetization delay
E.    dejitter delay

Answer: D

Which two characteristics about traffic shaping on Cisco IOS VoIP gateways are incorrect? (Choose two.)

A.    Traffic shaping propagates burst.
B.    Traffic shaping buffers and queues excess packets above the committed rates.
C.    Traffic shaping token values are configured in bits per second.
D.    Traffic shaping is applicable to both inbound and outbound traffic.
E.    FRTS and generic traffic shaping are two ways of implementing traffic shaping.
F.    Traffic shaping could introduce delays because of deep queues.

Answer: AD

On which gateway or gatekeeper is the IOS command call-rsvp-sync resv-timer 10 used to set the timer?

A.    originating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
B.    originating and terminating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
C.    terminating VoIP gateway for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds
D.    VoIP gatekeeper for completing RSVP reservation setups in 10 seconds

Answer: C

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