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Which statement about MRGL on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is incorrect?

A.    MRGL can be assigned to devices at the device level, device pool level, or both.
B.    MRGL contains a prioritized list of Media Resource Groups.
C.    Media resources that are not contained in any Media Resource Groups are not used by MRGL.
D.    MRGL can contain a single Media Resource Group.
E.    When a call is placed on hold, the MRGL of the device that put the call on hold determines which
MOH server is used to play music to the held device.

Answer: C

Which three services must be activated on Cisco Unified Presence in order for presence and instant messaging to be functional? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Unified Presence SIP Proxy
B.    Cisco AXL Web Service
C.    Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service
D.    Cisco Unified Presence Engine
E.    Cisco Unified Presence Sync Agent
F.    Cisco Serviceability Reporter

Answer: ADE

Which statement about coder delay in a VoIP network is correct?

A.    Coder delay is the time that is taken to fill a packet payload with encoded/compressed speech
B.    Coder delay is also known as algorithmic delay.
C.    Coder delay transforms a variable delay into a fixed delay.
D.    Coder delay varies with the voice coder that is used and the processor speed.
E.    Coder delay compensates for network switching delay.

Answer: D

When implementing a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution over an MPLS WAN, which two rules must be observed to prevent overrunning the priority queue? (Choose two.)

A.    RSVP will transparently pass application IDs from the customer network across the MPLS WAN.
B.    The media streams must be the same size in both directions.
C.    Only the connection to the MPLS WAN where the Cisco Unified Communications Manager resides
must be enabled as a CE device.
D.    The media has to be symmetrically routed.
E.    If the CE is under corporate control, it may support either topology-aware or measurement-based CAC.

Answer: BD

An H.225 call setup arrives at Cisco Unified Communications Manager for a directory number on an IP phone that is engaged in an active conversation. If call waiting is disabled for this directory number and none of the Call Forward settings are defined, which H.225 disconnects reason code will be sent to the originating H.323 gateway?

A.    No Route To Destination
B.    Normal Call Clearing
C.    Subscriber Absent
D.    User Busy
E.    Network Busy

Answer: D

Which three statements are correct with regard to the Certificate Trust List file? (Choose three.)

A.    It is a list of devices and credentials that a phone should trust on the network.
B.    It is signed using the administrator workstation password.
C.    It contains identity, public key, and role information.
D.    It is created by the CTL client on the administrator workstation.

Answer: ACD

What should you do to make good requirements for hardening an MCS operating system and its services? (Choose three.)

A.    Keep the operating system up to date and install Cisco operating system upgrades that can be
downloaded from
B.    Harden the IP stack by mitigating redirection attacks and enabling SYN flood protection.
C.    Enable all services except file sharing.
D.    Use an intrusion protection system like Cisco Security Agent.

Answer: ABD

Which three benefits are of using Cisco IOS VoiceXML? (Choose three.)

A.    Existing web server and application logic can be used for VoiceXML voice applications.
B.    Full editing features such as pause, fast forward, rewind, and append are supported.
C.    Hosting of VoiceXML voice applications can be added to the services that are offered to customers.
D.    HTML web development skills can be transferred to rose developing voice applications.

Answer: ACD

In Cisco SS7 Interconnect-based networks, which type of link from the PSTN can be determined by Signaling Link Terminal?

A.    T1 with IMTs
B.    A-Link or F-Link
C.    IMTs with bearer channels
D.    A-Link only

Answer: B

If the response to a DNS query comes back with a TC bit set, it indicates what? (Choose two.)

A.    The size of the response exceeded 512 bytes, so only the first 512 bytes were returned by the server.
B.    The size of the response exceeded 1500 bytes, so only the first 1500 bytes were returned by the server.
C.    The size of the response exceeded 1024 bytes, so only the first 1024 bytes were returned by the server.
D.    The message was longer than the bandwidth would allow.

Answer: AD

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