Passed Avaya 3202 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE (1-10)

After an Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 installation and configuration, the first test call into the bridge through Session Manager generates a 404 SIP Response message. Which missing configuration on Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 is causing this problem?

A.    The web conference URI not populated on Provisioning Manager.
B.    The SIP Trunk is not up between Session Manager and Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7
C.    The Service URI for the calling number is not configured on the Provisioning Manager.
D.    The conference users are not provisioned on System Manager.

Answer: C

What does the extension -active at the end of the log file name indicate?

A.    The log is currently closed.
B.    The log is the most recent log file.
C.    The log has been previously opened.
D.    The log is obsolete.

Answer: C
What is the requirement for Avaya Media Servers to be grouped into an Avaya Media Server Cluster?

A.    They must share the system default setting.
B.    They must share common power supply.
C.    They must share the same physical location.
D.    They must share the same server name.

Answer: A

In which location is the FQDN for the WCS on the Element manager Console configured?

A.    Element Manager – Address
B.    Element Manager – External Nodes
C.    Element Manager – Servers
D.    Feature Server Elements ?Web conferencing

Answer: B

All new SIP users of Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 conference bridges are administered on which Avaya Aura® component or network element?

A.    Communication Manager
B.    Session Manager
C.    System Manager
D.    Presence Server

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. When logging into the Collaboration Agent, which password field is used to authenticate the user?


A.    On the System Manager web console admin login and password
B.    On the System Manager under user Profile – Communication Profile Communication Profile Password
C.    On the System Manager under user Profile – Identity – Password
D.    On the Session Manager SSH login and password

Answer: A

Which command is used to add the WCS FQDN to each of the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 servers?

A.    hostTableConfig <IP_Address> <FQDN>
B.    hostTableConfig -d <IP_Address> <FQDN>
C.    hostTableConfig -a <IP_Address> <FQDN>
D.    hostTableConfig -q <IP_Address> <FQDN>

Answer: C

Which two configuration parameters will determine whether video will be used in a conference? (Choose two)

A.    the Media Cascading option in System Default Settings
B.    the Video option in the conference profile of the moderator
C.    the Bandwidth management option in System Default Settings
D.    the Video Option in the CM endpoint profile of the users

Answer: AC

You want to find the threshold configured in the system for minor, major, and critical alarms for Jitter (ms) on the Element Manager. Under which folder are the Alert Threshold found?

A.    Key Performance Indicators
B.    OAM Profiles – log Filters
C.    Feature Server Elements – Application Servers
D.    Feature Server Elements – Media Servers and Clusters

Answer: A

What are the two configurable options available for Media Cascading? (Choose two)

A.    The conference domain settings
B.    The Media Server Cluster level
C.    The hosting location level
D.    The user conference profile level

Answer: CD

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