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An end user wants to dial into the bridge with the DNIS number, and be connected into the conference room, or be prompted to enter the conference pin code. Which action is necessary to configure the conference bridge dial-in number (DNIS or Calls Branding)?

A.    Log on to Element Manager Console and configure it under media Server.
B.    Log on to Provisioning Manager and configure it under Service URI.
C.    Log on to Collaboration Agent and configure it in the roster window.
D.    Log on to Provisioning manager and configure it under management.

Answer: A

In /var/mcp/oss/acct/AM1/All/MCPV5/AS1_0, which extension do the most recent log files have?

A.    Active
B.    Closed
C.    Current
D.    Live

Answer: A

What does the install script do during installation of the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 software?

A.    It prompts you to enter the serial number of the server on which you are installing the software.
B.    It auto-detects the hardware type of the server.
C.    It lists the choices of different hardware types that can be used.
D.    It lists the choices of different operating systems that can be used.

Answer: B

To setup a conference call on Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7, which three tasks are required? (Choose three)

A.    Configure the domain, location, Media Server, and service URI on Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7.
B.    Configure the user’s soft client on their PC.
C.    Configure a SIP entity, SIP entity link, routing policy, and dial pattern on System Manager.
D.    Configure users on System Manager to have a conferencing profile.
E.    Configure TLS between Avaya Session Manager and the Media Server.

Answer: ACD

During a web conference, which two functionalities can a moderator use with DCS not running? (Choose two)

A.    Upload and share a .JPG picture, Word, and PowerPoint documents.
B.    Perform chat, and record meeting notes.
C.    Share full or part of the Moderator Desktop.
D.    Pass remote desktop control to other participants.

Answer: BC

When configuring a SIP Entity for Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7, which two fields are used by the system Manager to enable communication with other SIP Entities? (Choose two)

A.    Trusted
B.    Port
C.    Transport protocol
D.    Name

Answer: BD

What is the script that is used to install Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 software?

A.    pkginstall
B.    accInstaller
C.    mcpInstaller
D.    Installmcp

Answer: C

An administrator has a new license file for Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7. Which step should the administrator take to install the new license file?

A.    Log onto the Communications Manager CDOM, then go to license and copy and paste the new
license file.
B.    Log onto the Conferencing 7, then go to Element Manager and upload the new license file.
C.    Log onto System Manager, then go to License and upload the new license file.
D.    Log onto the System Manager CDOM, then go to Security and copy and paste the new license file.

Answer: B

To have a trust relationship between Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 and System Manager, what must an administrator make in Element Manager?

A.    An enrollment request for EM and PROV, and then add the HTTPS certificate to the EM and PROV elements
B.    An enablement TLS for all the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 SIP entities
C.    An enablement TLS for all the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 elements
D.    An enablement request for CA and PROV, and then the HTTPS certificate to the CA and PROV elements

Answer: B

A moderator would like to reuse PowerPoint slides that were previously presented on another web conference. Which procedure does the moderator need to perform?

A.    Upload the PowerPoint slides to the web conference Document Library from a web conference
participant’s PC workstation.
B.    Download the PowerPoint slides from the Document Conversion Server into the moderator’s PC,
and share the desktop.
C.    Selects one of the old PowerPoint Slide available readily from the moderator’s Document Server
Library on the web conference, and share it.
D.    The moderator realizes no PowerPoint slides are available in the Library on the web conference,
and decides to restart the PC to fix the issue.

Answer: C

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