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To deploy new software or upgrade the software on the Media Server, which management tool should be used?

A.    System Manager (SMGR)
B.    Element Manager (EM)
C.    Provisioning Manager (PROV)
D.    Session Manager (SM)

Answer: B

For video bandwidth optimization, which two Factors determine whether SVC video thinning should apply? (Choose two)

A.    Whether the conference is locked or not
B.    The priority of the user
C.    The role of the user (e.g., moderator, presenter, participant)
D.    The high and critical threshold for the locations

Answer: BD

The IP address of your DCS is
Which URL is used when testing to see if the DCS is running?


Answer: A

Which statement is true about SIP calls made into an Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 Conference Bridge?

A.    SIP signaling is established between Session Manager and the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7
conference bridge.
B.    SIP call signaling must originate from Communication Manager.
C.    SIP signaling and media call legs are established between Session Manager and Avaya Aura®
Conferencing 7.
D.    SIP signaling is established directly from End Device and the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7
conference bridge.

Answer: C

After you have defined the Media Servers that make up the Media Server Cluster, what are the next two configuration parameters you need to define for the Media Server Cluster? (Choose two)

A.    Assign the media Server to the Application Server
B.    The serving locations of the Media Server Cluster
C.    The physical location of the Media Server Cluster
D.    Add the IP address of the Media Server to the Session Manager

Answer: AD

In Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7, which two options can be defined in the Conference Class of Service? (Choose two)

A.    Video Class of Service for this conference class.
B.    Allow dial out to participants
C.    Media Server Clusters that can host this conference
D.    The number to call when operator assistance is required
E.    Media Cascading options for this conference class

Answer: BD
You are installing the DCS server and need to get a copy of the software. Which directory on the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 server will you find the software you need?

A.    /var/mcp/extract/MCP_xxx/dcs
B.    /var/mcp/os/install/MCP_xxx/dcs
C.    /var/mcp/loads/MCP_xxx/dcs
D.    /var/mcp/install/MCP_xxx/dcs

Answer: B

On Avaya Aura® Conferencing 7 in a Distributed media Server deployment, the Media Cascading feature id efficiently used during conference between two locations. In this situations, which statement is correct?

A.    Media Cascading allows easy failover of Media Server between two Media Cluster locations.
B.    Media Cascading allows easy failover of Media Server between two Media Cluster locations.
C.    Media cascading conserves media network bandwidth by establishing single Media Cascading
linking between two Media Cluster locations for a single conference.
D.    Media Cascading link is special media link between two locations, which is established and available
readily all the time to be used by any conference.

Answer: C

What is used to view the current number of active conferences?

A.    Monitoring and Reporting
B.    SNMP Browser
C.    Log Browser
D.    Alarm Browser

Answer: A

When adding a new Media Server, where is it enabled?

A.    Feature Server Elements – Provisioning Manager – PROV – MediaServer (X) – NE Maintenance
B.    Servers – EMserver(x) NE Maintenance
C.    Feature Server Elements – Media Servers and clusters – Media Servers – MediaServerCluster(X) –
NE Maintenance
D.    Feature Server Elements – Media Servers and Clusters – Media Servers – MediaServer(X) –
NE maintenence

Answer: C

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